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Who We Are

The Bunker is a premiere underground Los Angeles EDM nightclub located in K-Town. We aim to bring you only the best experience and vibes all night


We aim to provide you with an experience unmatched anywhere else. It is a place where you can discover and embrace the electronic dance music culture, a place to see the next EDM legend emerge.


Straight Underground. By leaving the posh clubbing scene we are keeping the EDM scene the way it should be. Great Drinks, Awesome Vibes, and Even Better Music. The Bunker will be bringing you the experience every weekend. Our hidden underground location makes us the party of the weekend.


We understand that your normal EDM experience is always overcrowded and packed. At The Bunker every night is essentially an underground private event for 350 people. When The Bunker hits that limit we shut the gates letting no one else in. Guest list and online ticket sales are the only guaranteed ways to get in.

Our Recent Works



Winner of Insomniac's Discovery Project, 22 year old Techno/Minimal producer T-Wrecks.

BTOYL Profile


BTOYL (Best Time of Your Life) - Los Angeles based.

Screen shot 2010-10-04 at 2.23.55 AM

Dj Kaspikc

After going to his first electronic dance music concert with.


Kane Michael

In a scene heavily saturated by "dirty" bass lines and.

Recent Blog Posts


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For whatever reason, people, in general, will nosedive straight towards a person using bad grammar to tear him or her.


Shook! This guy is super dope

This is that feel good music, where you're driving down into no where with your sunglasses on type of music..


Review. Wake Your Mind Cosmic Gate at the Palladium

Finals? Sleep? All for the weak. True fans of EDM (I include myself in this category, of course) were instead.



Drai’s Hollywood nightclub rests atop a hotel where one can overlook all of Los Angeles. Tonight the view wasn’t.

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